Internet Summit 2017

The DASH Systems Backstory

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, DASH Systems is a privately-held corporation, founded in 1998 with the acquisition of GlobalRep, Inc., a three-year old company. Specializing in usable and attractive front-end design coupled with functional back-end data management, DASH Systems has extensive experience creating, managing, and phasing online business solutions.

DASH clients range in size and scope—we've worked with international corporations, small regional companies, professional associations, nonprofit organizations—but the idea stays the same: listen to your clients, use expertise and know-how, and build a better product. With staff experts in information technology and web development, DASH’s development team members are dedicated to creating easy-to-administer, functional web sites from complex data requirements.

It takes vision to effect change. The founders of DASH have the vision of a web development and hosting company that considers customer service to be a cornerstone foundation upon which all business is conducted. At all levels at DASH Systems, each company decision is based on how to best serve our customers. We are building a reputation in the industry for delivering to our customers what they want, rather than simply what they ask for.

We know that each project and each customer is individual, and should be treated that way. DASH recognizes that building an outstanding web site is an intricate process that requires a constant eye on objectives and a refined attention to detail to deliver a site on time, on specification, and on budget.