Internet Summit 2017

Co-Located Hosting

With co-located hosting, you have the option of securing space in a data center specially designed to be clean, cool, and optimum for continuous server operation.

The amount of space you wish to secure in a co-located server cabinet is up to you. Questions? Contact us, we're here to help.

1U 1U*: $95/mo.  2U*: $180/mo.  3U*: $255/mo.  4U*: $320/mo.

Half Cabinet Half Cabinet*: $1,175/mo. Full Cabinet Full Cabinet*: $1,975/mo.

Bandwidth Options
 20 GB/month: $35/mo.  50 GB/month: $75/mo.  200 GB/month: $275/mo.
 .5Mbps Bandwidth Measured by 95th Percentile: $200/mo.

Backup & Redundancy Options
Add our shared redundant firewall system with hot failover: $40/mo.
Add data backup starting at: $75/mo.

Tailor your hosting solution to your company's needs. Learn more here.