Internet Summit 2017

Planning & Consultation

Not sure what your next step is? It's this: Call DASH (1.888.633.HTML).

It doesn't cost anything to talk to a project manager about what you'd like to achieve. DASH can help you create a blueprint for your success.

Before the first line of code is written, you need a plan for the last line. DASH’s web consultants will architect your migration of business processes to online solutions, formulate a customer relationship management plan tailored to your online business, or simply consult on effective site navigation.

Protect your investment in your online presence by partnering with a company who knows the technology, who knows the industry and who has the experience to look at your project from all sides. DASH will account for your goals, your users, your business, your industry, your marketing, your corporate culture, possible points of failure, and we will find the path leading to the highest probability of success for your web project.

Our web consultants will sit down with you. Ask questions, lots of questions. Organize information. Devise a plan. Implement the plan. Support you as you grow.

Contact us for an estimate for planning or consultation in the following areas:

Application Design
Flow, functionality, ease of use, data management, data aggregation

Online storefronts, merchandising and product placement, creating loyal visitors, customized customer relationship management features

Systems Integration
Interoperability with other systems (i.e. fulfillment, shipping, credit card authorization, banking) and integration with internal systems or business partners

Site Structure
Site navigation, point of entry, point of exist, traffic analysis, navigation redesigns

Moving Your Business Processes Online
Plans for migrating business processes to online solutions